Direct Mail Marketing

Whether your print communications are stand-alone or integrated to support other email, telemarketing, broadcast or social media promotions, our in-house direct mail printing, mailing and postage tracking capabilities ensure we deliver your message when, where, and to exactly the audiences you want.

direct mail marketing services in Santa Monica

Every Door Direct Mail is also known as EDDM. Every Door Direct Mail is a service provided by the U.S. Postal Service that allows you to mail up to 5000 pieces per day per zip code, city or state at a flat 18.3ยข each postage rate; no postage permit, names or addresses required!

Using the Every Door Direct Mailer service is a great, cost effective, way to promote your business or event locally!

With our Enhanced Postal Optimization services, Printland now offers you more control over that portion of your mailings which had up to now been the most unpredictable—your mail delivery.

When you add the power of EDDM to make sure every person and business in a certain area knows about your promotions and services you save money on postage and list costs too.

Printland Printing can help print your EDDM mailers, then bundle & tray them according to U.S. Postal Service Every Door Direct Mail requirements. You can pick up your Every Door Direct Mail pieces from our shop and take them to the front counter at the local post office. Click here to learn more.